Rene is a visual performance artist from the Netherlands. His background is in creating audio-visual productions for live events. He established and ran a successful company that specialized in corporate events, dance festivals, and club nights, encompassing over 300 projects across eight countries. His clientele included Sony, Philips, Jones Lang LaSalle, The Unit Show Control, Tig Sports, Wrangler, Bjorn Borg, Nobody Beats the Drum, Chartres en Lumiere and many others.
However, he has recently shifted towards creating more artistically fulfilling work inspired by his re-engagement with nature.

Rene’s current visual art practice explores his personal questioning of reality. New forms of technology and the ways we relate to them have created a contemporary reality in which the boundaries between waking and dream states have blurred.
From a place of profound connectedness with nature, Rene is able to infuse his technologically-driven practice with the depth he felt his older work lacked. Rene’s art invites us to immerse ourselves in his visions of a world beyond boundaries and binaries.

Rene currently produces his video performance installations and experimental films independently.
Highlights of this work so far include:
Art direction, content creation and live visuals for Rave Rebels & Fuse 25th Anniversary at Palais 12 in Brussels, performing at world renowned festival Glastonbury and for events/clubs such as Draaimolen Festival, DGTL, Reaktor, Kompass Klub, E1 London, Zeezout, Paradigm, Katharsis, Drift om te Dansen, Breakfast Club & Hangar.
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