The Zen Buddhist concept of mu means something approximating ‘to not have’ or ‘without’.
Searching for Mu, an installation and book by Paul Cupido — comprised of photographs, film clips,
sound, and folded paper — is tantamount to a quest. Cupido travelled to Japan, nearly as far away
from home as possible. However, an outward journey equally means an exploration of one’s inner
self: a journey inward, searching for acceptance that life comes to an end, yet at the same time
knowing that life is circular, starting over time and again.
Drawing on Searching for Mu, Rene created an experimental short film with only material Paul
Cupido supplied. Using Paul’s vision as a starting point, Rene was able to express Paul’s message
while incorporating his own ideas. A beautiful collaboration and friendship began to grow.
The end result is a 20-minute film which is best experienced as an immersive audio-visual show.
In addition, Rene used all the material that did not make it into the film to create an experimental
A/V live show. This interactive video installation allows each viewer to experience his/her own
Searching for Mu journey.
Please feel free to contact Rene for more information about viewings, or to see more of the film.

Premiere: at Reveal mid-2017
Trailer release: late 2017.
Please also have a look at Paul Cupido’s website:

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